What the cast of ‘Human Resources’ looks like in real life

Aidy Bryant plays the main character, Emmy the Lovebug.

Aidy Bryant and Emmy the Lovebug in “Human Resources.”

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While “Big Mouth” focuses on a group of teenagers going through puberty, “Human Resources” focuses on the hormonal monsters and other creatures that control the emotions of these teenagers.

“Saturday Night Live” star Aidy Bryant is the voice behind lead character Emmy, who is promoted to full-time Lovebug on the show. Lovebugs control humans’ ability to love, and Emmy must learn to keep her life in check so she can help her clients.

Keke Palmer plays fellow countryman Lovebug Rochelle.

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Keke Palmer plays Rochelle in “Human Resources.”

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Keke Palmer’s character Rochelle appeared in Season 5 of “Big Mouth” as Missy’s “Hate Worm”, the snake-like creatures the Lovebugs transform when their humans feel hatred.

In “Human Resources”, Rochelle is a good friend of Emmy, ambitious and competitive in her job.

“Wandavision” star Randall Park is the voice of reason as Pete.

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Randall Park portrays Pete in “Human Resources”.

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The Logic Rocks are another species of monsters that guide humans towards rationality rather than emotion, causing conflict with other members of the office.

Pete, voiced by Randall Park, Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Jimmy Woo, is a big nerd who just wants to connect with his co-workers despite their differences.

Hugh Jackman is the voice behind the sexy Addiction Angel Dante.

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Hugh Jackman plays Dante in “Human Resources.”

Netflix/David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Warner Bros.

The sexy Addiction Angel is voiced by none other than Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman.

The Addiction Angels lure humans into a variety of vices, and some of the monsters fall under Dante’s spell in “Human Resources”.

“Big Mouth” co-creator Nick Kroll is reprising his role as Maury, the hormonal monster.

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Nick Kroll had several roles in the “Big Mouth” universe.

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In “Big Mouth,” Nick Kroll played multiple roles, including himself in the season five finale. He’s reprising his role as the hormone monster Maury in the spin-off and there might even be an appearance from the old hormone monster, Rick.

Maury is a sex freak who encourages her clients to embrace their desires, however strange they may seem to others.

Maury’s better half, Connie, is played by Maya Rudolph.

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Maya Rudolph plays adorable Hormone Monster Connie in “Human Resources.”

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The former ‘SNL’ star is another actor from the main series ‘Big Mouth’ reprising their role. Maya Rudolph plays Connie, a sassy Hormone Monstress who loves bubble baths and has an on-going relationship with Maury.

Missy’s Hormone Monstress Mona is played by Thandiwe Newton.

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Thandiwe Newton plays Mona in “Human Resources.”

Rodin Eckenroth/Magic Movie/Getty/Netflix

You may remember Missy’s British Hormone Monstress from “Big Mouth” Mona. Mona is played by Thandiwe Newton, best known for her role in “Westworld.”

Mona is outspoken and enjoys persuading humans and monsters alike to rebel against the status quo.

David Thewlis is reprising his role as Shame Wizard Lionel.

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David Thewlis as Lionel in “Human Resources”.

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Season 2 of “Big Mouth” introduced the Shame Wizard Lionel, a ghost-like creature that feeds on the shame of man.

Lionel, voiced by “Harry Potter” actor Remus Lupin David Thewlis, continues his mischievous ways in “Human Resources”, tormenting both monsters and humans.

Lupita Nyong’o stars as another wizard of shame called Asha.

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Lupita Nyong’o plays a romantic interest for Lionel in “Human Resources”.

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“We” actress Lupita Nyong’o is also in the cast as fellow Shame Wizard Asha. Asha is beautiful, mysterious, and becomes a romantic interest for Lionel.

Helen Mirren joined the “Big Mouth” world as another Shame Wizard named Rita.

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Helen Mirren plays Lionel’s mother in “Human Resources”.

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Oscar winner Helen Mirren plays famed Shame Wizard and author Rita in “Human Resources.” She also happens to be Lionel’s mother who refuses to show affection to her son.

Maria Bamford is the voice behind anxious mosquitoes and a depressed cat.

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Bamford is the voice of Tito the anxious mosquito and Kitty Dukakis in “Human Resources” and “Big Mouth”.

Netflix/Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Voice actor Maria Bamford is another person from the main “Big Mouth” cast reprising the role in the spin-off. She plays both Tito the anxious mosquito from season four and the


Cat Kitty Dukakis who made several appearances in the main series.

Both of their roles are self-explanatory, but Kitty in particular will try to manipulate the new Lovebug Emmy.

Brandon Kyle Goodman plays fan favorite Lovebug Walter.

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Walter reprises his role as Walter in “Human Resources”.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images/Netflix

Walter, voiced by “Feel The Beat” actor Brandon Kyle Goodman, was the passionate Lovebug-turned-Hate Worm-turned-Lovebug reintroduced in “Big Mouth” season five.

Walter’s commitment to finding love for his human clients continues in “Human Resources”.

Pamela Adlon plays the latest Lovebug completing the main cast, Sonya.

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Adlon plays a fourth Lovebug named Sonya in “Human Resources”.

JC Olivera/Getty Images/Netflix

“Better Things” star Pamela Adlon reprises her role as no-frills Lovebug Sonya from season 5 of “Big Mouth.” Sonya changes careers after being fired for breaking a rule.