Unions and taxation are draining the state’s economy | MorungExpress

Dimapur, February 19 (MExN): The GB Union Dimapur (S) and the Dimapur Urban Council Chairpersons Federation (DUCCF) called on the Naga people on Saturday, asking them not to associate with ‘dubious people’ who engage in business monopolies and other practices that drain the state economy.

In a joint press release, the two organizations stated that “Naga society has been overburdened and pushed to its acceptable limit due to multiple taxation; threat from the trade union system; and trade monopolies, driving up prices.

Referring to the recent arrest of “the kingpin of the transport union in Dimapur”, the organisations, while praising the Dimapur police, said that “there are many more people involved in this kind of trade union threat coercive manipulator operating to control the entire trading system”. .”

“To root out these unscrupulous gangsters who indulge in the syndicate system, the district administration and police should thoroughly investigate and strict exemplary punishments should be given to the culprits under the law,” he said. declared.

The GBUD and DUCCF also commended the two Naga women entrepreneurs for filing an FIR against the culprit while encouraging other business setups to do the same without fear so that the monopoly elements of the market can be broken down and that a healthy open market can thrive in the state.

The current situation of disparity in the state must be collectively addressed by all sections of the population, be it government, national workers, CSOs and trade unions, in order to have a vibrant society, he said. declared, while warning that a day will dawn when ordinary people will have no choice but to fight back.

“The two organizations representing the citizens of more than 90 settlements within the Dimapur Sadar ensure the full cooperation of the police department and the district administration in combating the anti-social elements evolving like a cancerous cell in our society,” says the press release.