Unfair tax assessments of an amount to taxation without representation.

Our municipal, county, state and federal officials are undoubtedly stepping into women’s lives. They don’t have the right to dictate abortions. It is a decision made by the women of our country. Our government controls too much every aspect of our lives.

I lived through two wars. We fought for people’s rights, not for a controlling government. This country is ruled by the people, not by representatives.

Houston resume

demand the truth

For the past decade or more, politicians on both sides of the aisle have stretched, twisted, and spewed misinformation and misinformation as a way to advance their political careers. Not a day goes by without a political leader spousing outright lies. When and why did characteristics such as trust and honesty go out of style?

As we enter the 2022 midterm elections, I do not see a bright future for our city, our state, our country or our world if we do not have higher expectations and responsibilities for our political leaders tell the truth and be honest with the public. Our democracy depends on it.

Everyone, please step up and demand that candidates for political office tell the truth and be honest with the public. And don’t support them if they espouse conspiracy theories and lies without any factual basis. The public deserves better role models.

Alan Shoho

The revolt of the balance sheets is preparing

I believe that the majority of ratepayers would not be so unhappy with their appraisals if, in fact, we received a fair appraisal of our properties.

No one from the Bexar Assessment District, or BCAD, has come to our property in the over 28 years that we have owned it.

Property values ​​are based on recent sales of nearby properties, which may or may not be similar in size, amenities, maintenance, appearance – the list goes on and on. How can a fair valuation be determined if no one from BCAD ever visits the property? This amounts to taxation without representation.

Our ancestors understood this well at the Boston Tea Party so many years ago; maybe it’s time for another similar event.

Steve Lance