Southington mum provides resources for parents facing formula shortage

SOUTHINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) – ‘I didn’t want to borrow a box of formula from someone, but I had to, I literally had no choice,’ says Rachel Wrightington who was struggling to feed her six-month-old baby .

So she turned to a Facebook group she had created before the shortage.

“It was already difficult to find a formula,” she says.

The mother of two was not alone. Activity within Find My Formula CT has exploded.

“There were a lot of people helping each other out there. I did a drop and swap formula last weekend,” says Wrightington. “I had a few mothers in tears because they found something.”

She feels for first-time mothers during this scary time.

“You’re already panicking because it’s a pandemic and now you’re panicking because you don’t know how you’re going to feed your baby,” she says.

“My heart breaks for them, I can’t imagine being in this situation,” says Jennifer Zarrilli, clinical nutrition manager at Connecticut Children’s.

She has never seen such a shortage before. Parents ask for help.

“We are definitely seeing an increase in call volume,” she says, noting that doctors are advise patients to switch formulas if necessary, as long as it is a similar product.

“Most kids do well at switching formulas, as long as they’re in the same category,” Zarrilli says.

As the Michigan plant reopens, Wrightington expects it will be some time before the situation really improves.

“I think it’s going to take some time,” she said. “When this hits the shelves, people are going to hoard because they’re so scared of being in this situation.”

She will continue to organize exchanges…doing her best to help.

“I’m just getting by for now,” says the mother-of-two.

Find My Formula CT has over 2,000 members.

And remember, if you can’t get your hands on the formula or have questions about the change, we advise you to call your supplier.