PN MP Alex Borg calls for more resources from immigration police to ensure violators are deported

Nationalist MP Alex Borg said the immigration police should be better equipped to enable them to carry out more inspections of foreign nationals and deport those who break the law.

Asked about F Living recently, Borg said that while many foreign nationals are “leaving a positive impact on the economy”, now is the time for “some legal amendments and changes in the way enforcement is done, especially with regard to persons holding a work visa”. ”.

“Immigration officers and inspectors should visit villages and take action against foreigners who cause trouble in society, endanger the lives of Maltese citizens and do not allow people to live a decent life,” he said. he declared.

“At the end of the day this is our home and if we cannot live safely here then something has to be done. It is the duty of politicians to tackle these issues and implement certain amendments .

Asked by Lovin Malta what kind of amendments he is proposing, Borg said the Police Immigration Department should be given more resources and manpower to carry out more inspections across Malta .

“They will be able to inspect all immigrants in Malta and Gozo, and if any of them are found to be breaking Maltese laws, they should be deported and denied protection in Malta,” he said. declared.

“Those who follow Maltese law and respect our country should have all the protection necessary to lead a decent life in Malta.”

Borg referred to the recent case of a Libyan national accused of stealing money, mobile phones, documents and other items from Ramla l-Ħamra and Marsalforn.

“He should be deported if possible after serving his sentence,” Borg said.

When asked if those found guilty of breaking the law should be deported before or after serving their sentence in Malta, Borg replied that “it depends on the type of law that is being broken and the seriousness of the crime. or contravention”.

When it was pointed out that courts were already ordering deportations of foreign nationals as part of sentencing, Borg admitted that was the case, but stressed the need for more resources for immigration enforcement. to enable him “to familiarize himself with all the crimes and contraventions committed by foreigners”.

Do you think the immigration police need more resources?