‘Never forget that there are resources around you’

There are many types of challenges when it comes to being a student. Everyone hits a brick wall from time to time – lack of inspiration and motivation, brain fog, writer’s block, feeling overwhelmed or feeling lost.

Accepting that it’s okay to be in this type of moment is part of the key to getting out of it. Accepting help and creating a plan will make a difference. What can you do when you feel trapped in a rut and are struggling to get out? There are many options depending on your preferences.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees when you have no inspiration or motivation. Depending on the depth of your emotions, there can be different paths back on the road to success.

If you feel like you’re really stuck, try some light exercise. The release of endorphins can help relax your body and clear your mind. You can do this by taking a gentle walk or by trying to search YouTube for gentle exercises to do in the comfort of your own home. It’s really important to try to focus again as soon as you can. There is a risk of falling behind, creating more anxiety and a higher feeling of being overwhelmed.

“Own your weaknesses as you own your strengths”

Shortly after a bit of exercise, look at your to-do list next to your calendar. Ask yourself, “What’s my earliest deadline?” So what is my priority right now and when do I need to achieve it? What follows next? »

Asking yourself these questions can help you break down what is most important and what should be at the top of your list. Do you have one or two things that are priorities? Break it down further. Identify the obstacles to achieving your goal and find a solution. You are the creators of your own destiny. Own your weaknesses as you own your strengths.

Write down your obstacles and next to them write down any ideas you might have for overcoming them. Personally, I struggle with my motivation on these topics which can be more difficult to understand. My solution, break the information down into smaller sections. Focusing on understanding the smaller section, before moving on to another, can help reduce feelings of being overwhelmed.

Have you spoken with anyone about your thoughts and feelings? Have you been looking for tips and tricks to help your situation? Whether you’re a person who prefers to talk with others or you do your best to do it alone, you can make a difference if you create a plan and use the tools around you. University tutors are there to help you, unions have representatives and ambassadors who can help you or direct you to the help you may need. The NHS website has useful information and web links on mental wellbeing.

When you start prioritizing tasks or assignments, you may begin to feel lighter and clearer. You will have a sense of direction to follow, allowing you to move forward. Many students have a sticking point, you can work it out too. Similar to writer’s block, reconnect with your passion. What ignites you? What drove you to be where you are today? Reflection and anticipation are key elements of your success. Wherever you are in your journey, if you feel you are stuck, if you feel you are succeeding, never forget that there are resources around you that you can use whenever you need them.

Maintaining a positive attitude all the time is difficult. It’s OK not to be OK. It is normal to guess you. It is normal to lack confidence in your abilities. It is not acceptable to sell yourself short. Try everything you can to achieve what you have set for yourself. Don’t give up until all options have been exhausted.

Jade Wareham is a second-year graduate nursing apprentice and editor of the Nursing Times