LETTER: Fair Offers of Unfair Valuation on Taxation | Letters to the Editor

Editor, Daily Press:

Mr. Fair has it all wrong. It indicates that taxing the rich will have no effect on the average citizen. This is not the case.

One of the underlying issues that leads to mistrust and civil unrest is the wide disparity between the incomes and taxation of the wealthy compared to the average citizen. To say that taxing the wealthy, who currently pay a lower tax rate than most citizens (some billionaires pay no federal tax), is dishonest at best. Mr. Fair is an apologist for the Republican Party and its long-term strategy to shield the wealthy from scrutiny and assert the misconception that taxing the wealthy is somehow unfair or detrimental to their willingness to invest in society. ” job creation “.

Many programs would benefit the average citizen and would be worth funding. A good example is child care for working parents. If the wealthiest among us paid their “fair share,” it could be funded. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that taxing billionaires is more about fairness than individual impact. It is not difficult to understand the anger of citizens when they see that a person can buy six houses and a rocket and pay no taxes. It concerns us all!

David E. Nagle, Ed.D.