Kumasi Zongo leader urges Muslims to devote resources to unity and peace

The Zongo chief in the Ashanti region, Umar Farouk Saeed, rallied Muslims to devote their resources to unity and peace.

He used an Iftar dinner at his residence to appeal to Muslims, describing it as important for the growth and development of Ghana.

He addressed Muslim leaders and politicians, among others, from the Ashanti region.

Iftar literally means fast breaking meal.

Organizers say the event is a message of community harmony, something they have always lived with but needs to be highlighted now more than ever.

About fifty people attended the event, faithful to the benevolent spirit of Ramadan.

A representative from the vice president’s office, Ali Suraj said it was a privilege to dine with the Muslim section at the Sarkin Zongo residence.

Attendees congratulated the vice president on the iftar and urged Muslims to make an effort to change the lives of others.

Kumasi Zongo leader urges Muslims to devote resources to unity and peace

NDC organizer for Asawase constituency Ibrahim Anyars also urged Muslims to put aside their party colors and forge together.

“We are all one people, whether you belong to a party or not. Chief Zongo wants to see the progress of Zongos across the country,” he said.

Umar Farouk Saeed therefore called on Muslims to use the month of Ramadan to pray for peace and unity among Ghanaians.

“We stand together, we are collapsing. Let us unite for our progress,” the leader said.