How to Build a Utopia Without Tax, Debt or Corporate Corruption | by Jared A. Brock | Jul 2022

A brief introduction to the revolutionary Daman model

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We desperately need to build more schools.

And the hospitals.

And nursing homes for the tsunami of money coming in from the elderly.

And highways, tunnels, bridges, seaports, airports, hyperloops, geothermal power plants, hydroelectric dams, tidal turbines, eco power plants, regenerative farms and tens of millions of affordable eco-homes .

Essentially, America has to spend about $100 trillion over the next decadeif not, it will slide into fascism at the hands of corporatocracy and then into oblivion at the hands of climate collapse.

The question is:

How the hell do we pay for all this?

How do we pay for the $100 trillion in investment we need immediately?

The answer from the right: Privatize!

The left-handers answer: Nationalize!

But we, dear readers, are radical democratic centrists. We are not interested in extremists who fight for imperium over the American experience.

Right-wingers believe that the rule-free market can solve all our problems.
As if unregulated private for-profit companies already does what is best for the common good. We can ignore this silly position for the simple reason that corporate profit is the ultimate inefficiency. If we are going to spend $100 trillion, why privatize the profits? And since when do capitalists invest in direct human flourishing? Capitalism exists to invest in what is profitablenot what is needed.

Leftists believe that an awakened Big Brother government can solve all our problems.
As if giving a totally corrupt and cancerously bloated bureaucracy an extra $100 trillion would suddenly make it hyper-efficient, accountable and efficient, and not just resource it to push an experimental identity politics agenda toward total social domination.

But you know survive tomorrowrule for false dichotomies:

When given two bad options, choose neither.

We need the best of the left and the right to find the money.

There are at least four major challenges to finding the money to fix this broken nation.

  1. It is impossible to tax the rich.
    As we discussed earlier, the hyper-elites are engaged in industrial-scale tax evasion, and trying to tax them to save civilization will prove impossible. They are anti-social sociopaths who, rather than trying to save civilization, are about to abandon it to a collapse of their own.
  2. The poor can’t afford to pay a penny more in tax.
    The poor, the working class and even the middle class are totally exploited. Since 1971, the bottom 80% have been crushed by rising rents and massive mortgages, declining purchasing power and systemic wage suppression. They simply cannot afford to take on any more of the cost of building society.
  3. Conservative voters panic over public debt.
    It is essentially impossible for politicians to get a center-right vote if they plan to finance infrastructure investments with public debt. And if sociopathic politicians care about one thing, it’s getting re-elected forever.
  4. Printing money more fiat money robs the poor via inflation.
    The proprietary class and far-left Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) proponents are only too happy to continue printing trillions of dollars out of thin air every month, because inflation doesn’t matter if their portfolio continues to grow. But for the more than 100 million people who are too poor to fully participate in the real estate pyramid scheme and stock market mining scam, but the basic math shows that such a move would raise bankruptcies by tens of thousands every month to millions a year.

And let’s say we used one or more of these methods to find the money and actually built all this epic infrastructure that saves society.

The very next right-wing Thatcherite government will sell all of this to its corporate cronies for pennies on the dollar anyway.

So if we can’t tax the rich, tax the poor, incur debt or print our way to utopia, and even if we did it would be stolen and sold anyway, what can we do?

It’s time to introduce you to a friend of mine.

Gordon Daman is a quiet progressive-conservative genius.

One day, he realized that his community needed major help as soon as possible:

Their town of 4,000 people was aging and soon all of their elderly people would be sent to nursing homes more than twenty miles away.

This would cost young working families huge amounts of travel time and fuel costs, not to mention the environmental impact. Worse still, the absence of a local retirement home would break up families that had been together for generations.

So Gordon ran for mayor.

After being elected, he used city credit to fund a much-needed retirement home.

Yes, he freaked out his right-wing voters and took on public debt.

But he promised them it would only be temporary and he came up with a sensible plan that convinced his conservative community to give it a shot.

I visited the houses of old people. Friends is epic.

  • It is heated and cooled by geothermal energy
  • It has its own internal composting system
  • It’s almost plastic free
  • It has a medical clinic, a dental unit and a hair salon
  • It has a pub for teenage grandkids to spend more time with their elders.
  • It has a daycare center so adult children and toddler grandchildren can spend more time with their elders. (It’s called great friends!)

Rather than plunging the center out of time like most aged care facilities, they placed it right in the middle of the city and made it a real community hub.

Once the center was fully built, Gordon got him off the municipal books as an independent, not-for-profit organization charged with running the center at low cost and repaying debt.

Do you see what he did there?

He gave his community an enduring, culture-creating, revenue-generating, non-corporate and non-governmental asset. free.

No taxation of the rich.
No taxation of the poor.
No public debt.
No money printing.

And best of all, because it’s independently owned by a nonprofit, the next mayor can’t sell it to his corporate cronies. It is a non-profit commons that enriches the community and is perpetually protected.

Tell me this isn’t the greatest utopia building idea ever.

Lefties want to build a nation where the corrupt government owns and controls everything so they can rule you and control your life.

Right-wingers want to build a nation where monopolistic corporations own and control everything so they can rule you and control your life.

We radical centrists want freedom, democracy, sustainability and freedom from economic exploitation.

That’s why the United States of America needs to create a fully transparent, nonprofit infrastructure bank that lends interest-free money to community groups, cities, and states so they can start building a inflation without debt and without taxes. free non-corporate non-governmental community assets.

Libertarians and corporatists will hate this idea, of course, but welcome to democracy, selfish little ones — the only true free market.

As Gordon Daman recently told me:

“Transforming and sustaining social infrastructure for the common good – balancing economic, social and ecological outcomes – is the only way forward at this difficult time in history.”

Now imagine an entire nation operating on the Daman model:

Every town, city, and town in America could use this model to acquire all kinds of community-enriching assets without taxing the rich, taxing the poor, going into debt, printing money, or having our hard-earned community gains stolen. by private interests. .

Imagine if over 100,000 cities each built ten public projects like this. The amount of human flourishing it would create could spark a new rebirth.

This is how we save civilization from big government and big business.

Will the Daman model turn every city, county, state and country into a utopia?

Of course not.

The word utopia comes from two Greek words that mean “no place”.

Building heaven on earth is impossible because humans are hellish creatures.

And our societies are even worse.

But rebuilding our cities, our nation, our world on the Daman model would certainly be far better than the corrupt parasitic mess we have now.

Jared A.Brock is an award-winning biographer, PBS documentarian, and cellless founder of the popular futuristic blog survive tomorrow, where he offers thoughtful people contrarian perspectives on corporate anti-culture. His writing has appeared in Esquire, The Guardian, Smithsonian, USA Today, and TIME Magazine, and he has traveled to over forty countries, including North Korea.. Join over 21,000 people who follow him on Medium, Twitterand Sub-stack.