Grange Resources Savage River Mine Automation Project Possible | the lawyer

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A potential automation project at the Savage River mine will not necessarily result in job losses, according to the company. The recently completed pre-feasibility study by key regional employer Grange Resources Limited into underground mining at the North Pit Iron Ore Mining “substantiates our view that underground is technically and commercially viable,” said general manager Honglin Zhao. “The planned DFS (Definitive Feasibility Study) will be carried out in parallel with the current open pit mining of the deposit and with ongoing resource expansion drilling. “It would also be considered by the DFS to carry out further studies value-added on automation with the objective of significantly reducing the C1 operating cost (direct production cost) of the mine. That doesn’t mean jobs will disappear any time soon, if at all. “There are still open pit mines in other areas and we’ve been open pit mining North Pit for many years to come,” said general manager of operations Ben Maynard. “This will allow access to North Pit at depth. “Configuration and transition would be worked out in the next study, but hopefully longer and different jobs as the mining activity evolves. “The intention is to move to final feasibility, which may happen over the next two years, subject to board approval this year. “Mr. Zhao said the Savage River magnetite deposit continues to produce high-grade ore.” This successful pre-feasibility study gives us continued confidence. it showed continuity of ore at depth and a 30% (about 120 million tonnes) increase in mineral resources. “(It showed) a potential production rate of six million tonnes per year with an underground mine life of over 10 years, using underground caving methods,” he said. The Definitive Feasibility Study would move to the next level of assessment subject to Board approval in the current semester. Why not subscribe to The Advocate for my daily and local news? register here