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Emotions are inevitable at work. Supportiv’s new collection of articles helps tap into those feelings (yours or a colleague’s) to improve well-being and productivity.

BERKELEY, Calif., May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — For employers and employees alike, uncontrolled emotions can complicate workplace relationships and routines. Supportiv, the on-demand peer-to-peer emotional support service, is releasing a new collection of mental health resources to help understand and manage emotional difficulties in the workplace.

From retail to remote work, emotional upheavals can impact productivity, alter the way we connect with others, and even cloud judgment. If common emotional struggles in the workplace, such as stress, procrastination, and burnout, are not resolved, it becomes more difficult for us to respond to the needs of others with grace.

Supportiv CEO and Co-Founder Helena Plater-Zyberk expands on this idea, sharing that “In the workplace, each individual’s emotions impact the team. It can make it attractive to calm your feelings. You don’t want to be judged or brought up However, if you don’t find effective ways to deal with and heal difficult emotions, their negative impact, both personally and on those around you, can increase.

Co-founder of Supportiv Pouria Mojabi adds that “Acknowledging difficult emotions can feel like sending you on a downward spiral. In reality, it’s the opposite. If we don’t acknowledge what we’re going through, we’re less likely to find solutions and more likely to act without even realizing it.At work, it’s especially important to notice our feelings, so that we can find ways to deal with them.

For those dealing with a colleague’s emotions or their own, Supportiv’s Work resources ( offer practical steps to gently minimize the emotional fallout in the workplace. Topics in the collection include:

Prevent burnout in the people you manage

Support an employee going through personal difficulties

Mental health issues at work when you are the manager

How to take a colleague’s anger less personally

Bonding with a colleague you don’t like

Building Professional Friendships While Working Remotely

What does high-level anxiety at work look like?

How to mentally prepare for a performance review

How to be proud of your work ethic without burning yourself out

Emotional preparation to work after vacation

Be an authentic communicator by e-mail

How to give critical feedback

How to Take Negative Feedback Like a Champ

How to talk to your boss about your mental health needs

Stop procrastination before it stops you

How to Calm Your Frustration with a Coworker, Client, or Boss

How to Apologize Effectively

How to stop nagging others (and why it’s important for your health)

Enlist others as an anti-procrastination tactic: body splitting

Browse the full collection for considerations, practical tips, and advice for dealing with work-related emotional struggles, at

In addition to its peer support network, relevant Supportiv articles and advice also appear in real time in its 24/7 peer support chats. By typing a few words in response to the question: “What is your fight?” users are matched in less than a minute with topic-specific peer-to-peer group chats for anonymous support — from feeling hopeless to overwhelmed, dating difficulties to breaking up, and anhedonia to desire. Even experiences of trauma, racism and discrimination are up for discussion in Supportiv’s anonymous peer support chats.

Supportiv has already made over 1.1 million users feel less alone, anxious, stressed, misunderstood and hopeless through its moderator-guided discussions with AI-powered content and resource recommendations. See what real users have to say here:

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