ESI … Respond to All Types of Environmental Emergencies: CEG

A John Deere 270D with a 60 foot long reach working on a demolition site.

Environmental Services Inc. (ESI) is a full-service environmental contractor providing planned and emergency services to private clients and government agencies in southern New England.

Founded in 1991, it is the largest private environmental services company in the region, with a workforce of over 70 employees, including project managers, supervisors, compliance and regulatory personnel, operators of equipment, craftsmen, field technicians with decades of emergency experience. response and remediation, hazardous waste management and background in the petroleum and construction industries. Billy Mitchell, one of ESI’s founding directors, is still involved in day-to-day operations as Managing Director. He is highly respected in the industry.

ESI’s team of professionals ensures continuity at every stage of environmental challenges, big or small.

According to Mitchell, “When the business started in 1991, it focused primarily on tank removal, contaminated soil cleanup and chemical spills. Over the past few decades, the business has experienced phenomenal growth. and has branched out into a wide variety of environmental service areas.”

Today, the company responds to all types of emergency environmental issues, including but not limited to roadside truck spills, train derailments, PFAS releases from fires and drug labs that involve hazardous materials. ESI even has a marine division to deal with contaminated water issues.

The company’s demolition team is fully equipped to demolish buildings and facilities of any size and deal with contamination issues such as asbestos in the process.

ESI also offers on-site services that include transportation and disposal of contaminated soil, portable toilets, fracturing tanks, as well as offloading services.

ESI has a 24,000 square foot office, warehouse, and maintenance facility in South Windsor, Connecticut, and the company is licensed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania , Rhode Island and Vermont for hazardous waste transportation and spill response. .

For several of its key divisions, earth-moving machinery is an important tool. Cleanup of contaminated soils and removal of tanks, as well as demolition work, incorporate the use of heavy iron. Additionally, ESI is a multi-state licensed contractor and relies on its heavy equipment to respond to roadside incidents.

Frequently, the vehicles left the highway completely and rolled over onto the embankments and emptied their load. In such an event, ESI must not only have the means to haul these vehicles up the highway to be transported off-site, but must also be equipped to excavate and remove the impacted materials from the site.

Once the scene has been cleaned, ESI must transport backfill or any other organic material necessary to restore the site to its original state. Sometimes environmental cleanup projects happen in quite unexpected places, including cleanup after a plane crash at a local airport.

ESI’s growth over the past 30 years has been phenomenal and with ever-changing environmental regulations, ESI has adapted and diversified its operations to be able to respond and complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Anyone who has spent time with Billy Mitchell or seen one of ESI’s cleanup projects is well aware that their brand of construction equipment of choice is John Deerethat they get from The WI Clark Company.

The list of John Deere equipment in ESI’s fleet includes the JD 310 and JD 410 backhoe loaders; JD 544J and JD 644J loaders; JD 270D excavator with a long front and 60 in. ditching bucket; JD 317G crawler loader; several JD 50G mini-excavators; JD 650H bulldozer; and a JD 130G shovel.

Greg Hulbert, of The WI Clark Company, has been Mitchell’s sales representative since the beginning of the company’s relationship with John Deere. The service ESI received from Hulbert and The WI Clark Company service department, along with the overall reliability of the John Deere product, is what has kept ESI loyal to The WI Clark Company.

According to Mitchell, “WI Clark knows how customers should be treated and the word ‘no’ is not in their vocabulary. In our business, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we have to work with suppliers who keep the same hours. Not too long ago we called WI Clark at 4:30 on a Friday. We needed a part that was somewhat obscure and due to supply chain issues was not available. WI Clark picked up the part from one of their own fleet machines and had it delivered to me within hours. This type of service confirms to me how much they understand how critical their equipment is to our business.

“It was an unusual scenario, not having the part in stock. During the whole pandemic, it was the only time they didn’t have the part we needed. But this situation demonstrated their attitude of ‘go to’. The reliability of the equipment is critical. In emergency situations, we can be sent hundreds of miles away in the middle of the night. We need to know when we get there that the equipment we have brought will be reliable and up to the task at hand.

“Over the years we’ve worked with Greg Hulbert and the folks at WI Clark to consistently find the right gear to meet our varying needs and it’s a relationship we can rely on going forward.”