Denver Broncos ranked No. 6 in offseason roster building resources by Over The Cap

The 2022 NFL league year begins on March 16, and Denver Broncos fans will look to a slew of events, from the NFL Scouting Combine to the start of free agency.

Of course, Broncos Country will be keeping tabs on the quarterback market. Will a longtime veteran like Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson become available in a trade?

Is there a 2022 NFL Draft prospect catching the Broncos’ eyes? Or could the Broncos prepare to make do with whoever they can, in view of the 2023 QB class?

Whatever the Broncos choose to do, they’re in a good position from a salary cap and draft perspective — ranking among the best teams in the NFL versus being able to improve the roster.

above the ceiling ranked the 32 NFL teams by offseason resources, which include cap space, percentage of snaps that could be lost to free agency, and total number of 2022 draft picks. Broncos ranked No. 6 overall.

Jason Fitzgerald notes the Broncos should be No. 8 in room caps and No. 5 in draft capital. He further notes that the Broncos were competitive in 2021 and, despite being in a tough division, they have the resources to turn things around in 2022.

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General manager George Paton set things up in 2021 so the Broncos would have flexibility, depending on how the coaching staff did in 2021. He was able to either keep certain players if the Broncos reached the playoffs or to allow others to leave. should no playoff berth occur, while maintaining a strong position to improve the roster.

As we know, Vic Fangio and his team couldn’t take the Broncos to the playoffs. With personnel changes and Nathaniel Hackett taking over as head coach, Paton is able to improve the roster to suit the needs of new personnel.

Of course, many Broncos fans will be interested to see if Rodgers is made available on the commercial market. Reports linking the Broncos to Rodgers aren’t going away, and if the Green Bay Packers decide to go the trade route, the Broncos have the cap space and recruiting capital to make it happen.

But even if the Broncos don’t land a QB via trade, they still have the flexibility to improve the roster through both free agency and the draft. This could even include trade down in the next draft, with the idea of ​​acquiring picks in 2023 to target a QB next.

Compare that to other teams that need a QB. The Giants, Texans, Colts and Panthers all have less flexibility when it comes to draft picks, cap space or both. The Buccaneers, meanwhile, have gone all-in for another Super Bowl and, with Tom Brady retired, may have to pin their hopes on 2021 second-round pick Kyle Trask.

Of course, Paton needs to find that QB to take advantage of the roster as it currently stands. If it doesn’t happen in 2022, it has to happen in 2023, because fans won’t have the patience to wait any longer than that.

Regardless of what happens, we can definitely say that the 2022 offseason will bring a lot of intrigue for Broncos fans. Denver is in a position to really improve the roster. All that needs to be answered is how Paton does this.

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