Community provides resources despite shortage of infant formula

Some mothers continue to worry about feeding their babies as the shortage of infant formula drags on.

Here is more about the efforts that are being made to help these parents.

Community members and the Erie County WIC program are answering the call for help as parents struggle to find formula for their children.

Families in the community continue to be affected by the shortage of infant formula as shelves remain empty in stores.

“I think it’s become more difficult lately, and I think it’s just a bit different whereas before people maybe couldn’t leave their homes because of the fear of the virus and the shortage problems. Some of them weren’t affected at the time and now realize they can’t get the specialized formula they need,” said community member Jessica Hippely.

The Erie County WIC Program shares what helps with the struggle faced by new parents and current parents.

“Availability in the big issues is always the supply chain issue it’s huge. The other issue is the fact that the Abbott factory in Michigan is still down due to contamination from the formula,” said Lisa Scully, nutrition education coordinator for the Erie WIC program.

The WIC program strives to provide families with the resources to find the formula their children need.

“The Facebook page is a great resource. We’re updating it and they’re actually telling all of our families to put the WIC Shopper app on their phone on their smartphone,” Scully said.

In addition to the WIC Shopper app, members of the Erie community provide tips on how to find the right plan for your child.

“My experience has been that doctors’ offices are willing to give samples if they have them, although you should definitely check with them first and use the power of social media if you are able to just share that need Post it on a page in your community where people help each other and depend on each other for that support,” said Jessica Hippely, Helps Families Find Formula.

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The WIC program recommends that families contact their doctor before attempting to change their infant formula.