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“Precipice: The Left’s Campaign to Destroy America,” by Nick Deiuliis, President and CEO of CNX Resources Corp. (NYSE: CNX), is now available. Order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.

Few understand the precipice America now finds itself on better than Nick Deiuliis. CEO of one of the largest natural gas producers in the United States, Deiuliis is a proud capitalist, free enterprise advocate, individual rights advocate and lifelong Pittsburgher.

In “Precipice,” the author examines the perilous state of American society as the country faces countless economic, social, and geopolitical threats. “Something has shifted in our society over the past few years; we have reached an inflection point,” writes Deiuliis in the introduction to the book.

“After looking at a number of independent data points, from government spending to health care and from the legal system to universities and beyond, you start to see how they are intertwined,” Deiuliis said. “When looked at collectively, as was done in ‘Precipice’, then you see how the scales shift from value creators to value appropriators, and how we are approaching a tipping point, the precipice.”

Deiuliis is a strong advocate for the middle class and working families. All of its proceeds from book sales will go to the CNX Foundation to support urban and rural youth in economically disadvantaged communities.

Deiuliis opens “Precipice” by breaking down the makeup of society, where on one side are the creators, enablers, and servers, working in free enterprise. On the other side is a fourth class – leeches – who exist primarily to take and redistribute value from others.

“Government bureaucracy may contain the largest contingent of leeches in society, but it is far from the only one,” Deiuliis writes. It also explains how certain professions (such as law, media, and academia) and American urban centers fell victim to the leech. Deiuliis also showcases the growing power of the Federal Reserve, the weakening of America’s STEM prowess, and more.

“‘Precipice’ will hopefully be a catalyst for constructive public discourse and informed debate to protect the American Dream for future generations,” Deiuliis said.

Visit to order and for more information about the book; including individual chapters available for online reading and author-reviewed podcasts that examine each chapter’s topics in more detail. For daily news and commentary from Nick Deiuliis, follow him on Twitter at @NickDeiuliis.

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