Buyers may love your social mission, but they care about customer service

In 2022, brands are expected to do more than market, sell and generate profits. The rise of Gen Z, with its collective spending power of $360 million, is more than ever championing inclusiveness, diversity and brand action.

But how you treat your customers continues to reign as the number one reason consumers — including Gen Z — patronize your business. Globally, 94% of customers consider how well a brand treats its consumers before making a purchase, according to a 2022 report from eMarketer and Insider Intelligence. Consumer experience ranks first, followed by treatment of employees (85%) and environmental practices (78%). 73% of consumers said a brand’s response and actions to racial injustice events impact their decision to buy from a company.

Although many consumers rank global concerns such as the environment, social issues and the treatment of employees as considerations before making a purchase from a brand, data suggests that the message does not translate into their wallet. Only 27% of customers globally said they had switched brands to better align with their personal values.

Instead, half of global consumers said they recently switched brands to get better customer service, making it clear that how you treat your customers still matters. Better brand name offerings and product quality were other reasons customers looked elsewhere for their needs.