AS advises Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu used state resources to challenge Cyril Ramaphosa’s media team

  • Lindiwe Sisulu issued a follow up statement to the media and this time she blames President Cyril Ramaphosa’s media team for misunderstanding the facts
  • According to the tourism minister, during her meeting with Ramaphosa, Sisulu agreed to reconsider a certain passage she had written in her opinion piece.
  • South Africans on social media seem quite tired of the scandal between Sisulu and the president

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JOHANNESBURG – The saga between President Cyril Ramaphosa and Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has escalated further.

Sisulu issued another statement in response to the previous statement from the Office of the Presidency that Sisulu apologized for the hurtful comments she threw at the Constitution and the Judiciary.

Lindiwe Sisulu claims President Cyril Ramaphosa’s media team misinterpreted the outcome of their meeting with the President. Image: GCIS/Flicker
Source: UGC

In her recent statement released Friday, January 21, Sisulu still maintains that she has no intention of apologizing for what she said, in fact, she believes the people at fault are the team. media of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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The Minister of Tourism said that the media team misinterpreted his meeting with Ramaphosa at his home and that is why they issued this statement of apology, reports News24.

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Sisulu said at the meeting that she only agreed to reconsider a certain line she said about the justice system and there was no agreement that she would withdraw her entire opinion piece. Sisulu gave no indication of which line she plans to reconsider.

She went on to say that she had respect for the president and his office, however, she says the media team acted maliciously.

Full Press release:

South Africans call on Sisulu to use state resources

Social media users noticed that Sisulu’s recent statement carried the letterhead of the Ministry of Tourism. They questioned why she was using state resources to respond to comments she made in a personal capacity.

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Others are apparently above the spat between the Sisulu and Ramaphosa and have called her out for politics.

Here are some comments:

@gwele_zola said:

“Now it becomes a forced view of the department and a section of the government and the rest of society to engage in a split opinion? Since the president appointed you by law and is not obliged to give a reason, this calls for dismissal so that you can freely campaign against our constitutional democratic system.

@CecilPadayachee said:

“The tweet from the presidency specifically referenced the judicial comments. That’s exactly what you’re retracting. And let’s not play games. You’ve been reprimanded by the president. That’s what ‘reprimand’ means.”

@Maliqo said:

“Why are you using government letterhead answering the question that has been taken as your personal view?”

@SMK33138377 said:

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“Ai Lindi mina, I’m not convinced, your answer lacks conviction… doesn’t set the right tone for someone who is willing to go all the way.”

@Derrick_67 said

“That’s how Lindiwe rolls. She loves abusing state resources.”

‘The comedy show continues’: South Africans entertained by opposing statements by Sisulu and Ramaphosa

In brief News previously reported that on Thursday evening, the Office of the Presidency announced that Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu had apologized for the scathing attacks on the Constitution and the judiciary as well as the harm she caused to black judges.

The statement said Sisulu’s apology came after meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa about his open letter published more than a week ago.

However, shortly after this statement was released, Sisulu said that she did not issue such an apology and still kept her letter open. She further stated that she disavows the statement that was released by the presidency, according to a News24 report.

Source: News in Brief